ashwin thakur abignoise


ashwin thakur abignoise



What do you wish that you had known about life 15 years ago?

“Actually I don’t believe on any statements;

I know only one thing; that I know nothing”.

Who is the smartest person on the earth? Who know everything? 

Neither you nor I 

What you will find below the list of the most important things I have learned from others. We might learn things quickly, but we often forget things at the same way – and sometimes we need to remind ourselves of what we have learned.

ashwinthakurabignoise Let me share things which other taught me. ashwin thakur abig noise
  1.  Be a good for others

Never Say who is right who is wrong, has always situation made you good and bad.  Sometime you make situations and sometime Situation makes you.

2.Don’t Complain

Complaining is the biggest foolish things which make you down. Better to shut your mouth about it.

  1. Art of Smart work

One aspect of working ‘smart’ is to organize yourself, so that you invest your time on value – added activities. Times never come back. Its depends on your demands.

  • Planning – is organizing
  • Doing – is caring the plan as decided?
  • Interacting – is working with others. 
  1. Exercise daily

A healthy body gives you healthy mind where you can start anything healthier. If you don’t build strong body, what will you build in your life?


Say Thank you for everyone and everything. “Thank you for Beautiful parents’. Thank you for wonderful day. Thank you for being a nice. 

  1. Don’t care about what others think

 If no one is perfect then why worry about others. Let them think about you. 

  1. Take intelligent risks

 Accomplishing your life, business, or profession objectives, requests that you go out on a RISK. It is completely essential, and keeping in mind that any risk there is always something at stake, there are huge benefits. 

  1. Learn everyday

 Train your brain like a Master. Don’t need to read every book, read book and follow it. Accept it.  Learn from your mistakes. Learn from people around you either younger either Older. 

  1. Don’t Judge

If people think different than you it’s not mean everyone is stupid. Just because people think different than you. You can’t understand everyone so don’t judge anyone. 

  1. Think about others

We all are connected through the soul and Nature. Just be mindful.  Don’t always make everything about yourself. 

  1. Enjoy little things

Be the Happiest person in the universe. Make enjoy, Create enjoyment. Find the way where you can fulfill it. 

  1. Don’t criticize people

Criticism is the best acting of negative people. Don’t keep score. You can be someone that doesn’t take shit. Don’t insult people, think you are better than them, or act like a negative people.

  1. Invest in yourself

Investment on the earth is on yourself is the best investment. The World always need people who can do something well. Fulfill the world’s need. 

  1. Take Action

Don’t stop, don’t seat. Take action walk, Run and Run away throughout the life but never stop. 

  1. Never End

Life is a Journey. Use it either lose it. We all are the species; don’t try to figure it all out. Enjoy your Journey.

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