These 21 Rules will remind you that leadership and personal greatness is less about a title and more about a decision

…to work with wonder, achieve with wow, go the extra mile in all you do, innovate like you meet by the gift of your masterful example.

      Our world demands you and me!

Leadership’s not just for Leaders and ministers…we ALL can lead. Because leadership is a mindset and a way of doing things…

Taxi drivers can lead and street sweepers can lead and teachers can lead as can managers

Ok. Let’s start…

#1. To lead is to play.

#2. At the heart lives flexibility.

#3. To double your income, triple your investment in your professional education and your personal development.

#4. The swiftest way to grow your company is to grow your people.

#5. If you’re not leaving a trail of leaders behind you, you’re not leading. You’re following.

#6. An addiction to distraction is the end of creative production.

#7. The caliber of your practice determines the quality of your performance.

#8. Leaders without Titles are less about ego and more about getting things done.

#9. Don’t worry about the economy when you can be so genius at what you do that you create your very own personal economy.

#10. Lead where you are planted. Start where you stand.

#11. The true measure of our leadership is how we perform in volatile conditions versus in times of ease.

#12. To lead is to be you in a world of clones.

#13. The humblest is the greatest.

#14. Energy is more valuable than intelligence. Health is more brilliant than gold.

#15. The thing you most fear carries your greatest growth.

#16. All change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.

#17. Criticism is the price brave people pay to arrive at iconic.

#18. Leadership has less to do with authority and more to do with a mindset.

#19. Where the victim sees a problem, a leader sees an opportunity.

#20. Don’t wait until you’re successful to work on your optimism. Work on your optimism and you’ll become a successful.

#21. Small daily micro-wins when done continually over time lead to staggering results.

Hope these insights on the true meaning of leadership help you multiply your impact and make your mark on the world.