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Thinking without regard for you -

The most significant difference in cultivating other qualities seems to be unselfish thinking.

That, I believe, is due to the difficulty of giving without expecting anything in return. It’s human nature. However, if you can learn to think unselfishly and become a giver, many other virtues would become easier to cultivate. Gratitude, devotion, Love, respect, patience, and discipline are all virtues that should be cultivated.

If you rated yourself on the scale of being completely and truly unselfish on a daily basis where would you land?

If you go to friend circle, think about how you can invest on the other person so that it becomes a win – win situation.

Look here, how friendship often play out:

I win, you lose – I win only once.

You win, I lose – You win only once

We both win – we win many times.

We both lose – Good Bye to friendship

The best friendships are win – win but why don’t human go into that attitude.

Let me tell you why: most of the person they want to win first.

On the other hand UNSELFISH THINKER, Go with a friend and make sure that your friend wins first and see all the difference.

The process begins with realizing that everything is not about you! That requires humility and a shift in focus.

Thinking without regard for you - How successful people think?

How successful people think ashwinthakur

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