How to Plan a Facebook Ad Campaign for the Seasonal Holidays

How to Plan a Facebook Ad Campaign for Seasonal Holidays?

Are you planning to use Facebook ads to promote your products or services any seasonal holiday? Looking for the best process to ensure your ad campaigns succeed?

#1: Optimize Your Landing page for Facebook Ads Traffic

The Facebook pixel is a code that allows you to track activity on your Landing Page. The pixel is a key part of Facebook advertising because it allows you to track your campaigns, retarget your leads, and find people similar to your buyers.

To make the most of the Facebook pixel, install it as soon as possible to start collecting data from your Landing Page visitors. 

#2: Create Your Facebook Product Catalog

The Facebook Shops platform lets you sell your products through an online store on your Facebook page. To set up a shop, you need to create a Commerce Manager account at Follow the prompts to set up the type of shop that will work for your business.


#3: Plan Your Seasonal Facebook Ad Campaigns

When running Facebook ads during the seasonal holidays, you can sometimes get better results

These key words are helpful in 2021, are likely to see an increase in seasonal advertising and therefore an increase in costs also.


31: Halloween


4: Diwali

25: Thanksgiving (USA)

26: Black Friday

27: Small Business Saturday (USA)

28: Hannukah

29: Cyber Monday


4: Small Business Saturday (UK)

18: Super Saturday (last Saturday before Christmas)

24: Christmas Eve

25: Christmas Day

26: Boxing Day (UK)

31: New Year’s Eve

#4: Check Your Facebook Audiences and Ad Creative

You’ll have a good understanding of what works well for your business and be in a better position to scale in the peak periods. You can use this time to test audiences to understand how best to reach your buyer on Facebook.

#5: Paid campaigns with Organic Facebook Content

Your organic content should help your business stay connected with your existing audience and provide soothing for new audiences visiting your pages via your Facebook ads.

Running a business during the holiday season can be challenging, but with good preparation, your Facebook advertising will make it easier, rather than harder, to reach your goals.

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