21 Rules Will Remind You That Leadership (Part-2)


Welcome to Next 21 Rules (Part-2) will remind you that leadership and personal greatness is less about a title and more about a decision…

#1. Genius has less to do with natural talent and divinely blessed gifts and more to do with relentless focus [to the point of obsession], extreme practice and uncommon grit.

#2. Disrupt or be disrupted.

#3. Be the most honest person in every room.

#4. Remember that people don’t leave companies. They leave the people they worked for.

#5. Saying you’ll “try” is expressing “I’m not really committed.”

#6. The secret of passion is purpose.

#7. To make more money, help more people.

#8. Leaders Without Titles talk about ideas versus people, and dreams versus others.

#9. Eat less food, get more done.

#10. The way you begin your day determines how you live it. So put mind over mattress. Win the battle of the bed. And join The 5AM Club.

#11. Develop an obsessive attention to detail. World-class user experiences are all about winning at the small stuff that everyone else don’t care about.

#12. Even if you clean toilets, do it with pride and love.

#13. Leaders Without Titles are in the business of making people feel bigger versus smaller. And smarter versus less knowledgeable.

#14. Lean into your fears. Commit to what frightens you. Life’s way too short to play small.

#15. The secret to genius is doing less.

#16. The moment you think you’re a virtuoso, you’ve lost your virtuosity. The best always think like a beginner. And they know that nothing fails like success.

#17. Be decent and kind and loving. At the end you’ll have wished you were.

#18. Never lose the sparkle in your eyes and your sense of wonder about the things most people take for granted. Leadership, business and life are awesome.

[Note: there are two types of income: external [money and title] and internal [pride in doing great work and pursuing mastery]. The ordinary chase the first. The exceptional want the last].

#19. Remember that the things that get scheduled are the things that get done.

#20. Say please and thank you.

#21. Do your part. As Mother Teresa said: “If each of us would sweep our own doorstep, the whole world would be clean.”

…the little-known productivity formulas of the great geniuses

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— This world-class is NOT for you if you’re happy with the status quo and scared of making quantum leaps in your performance, prosperity and personal lifestyle.

Hope these insights on the true meaning of leadership help you multiply your impact and make your mark on the world.

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