The key to a successful start up!


The key to a Successful Start up

The key to a successful start up. In the early phase, is to keep simple and time saving strategies. In the any kinds of startup Time is very important. Time is like Money.  

Many of the startup owner they fall to create Business plan. I always telling to startup owners if you are seeking investment or financing and even seeking both things, I always recommend to startup owners start with by testing your startup ideas before you are going to investing lots of money and Time.

So before you, Start, Run & Grow create one page simple Business Plan i.e overview of what you are going to start and where you are going to investment of your valuable Time and Money.

  1. Define your vision.What will be the result you will get from your business? Where you are going to reach?
  2. Define your mission.Mission and Vision both are simply different things. Your mission should explain the reason about your startup exists.
  3. Define your objectives.Exactly what are you going to do — what are your goals — that will lead to the accomplishment of your mission and your vision?
  4. Outline your basic strategies. Write down the all bullets point how are you going to reach your goal. Strategies should be simple and sustainable. Make it as easy as simple.
  5. Write a simple action plan. Write down the list of your task and its actions required to achieve your goal.

That’s it. It may be help you to make a start up plan. It might be longer than one page, but it will surely be more organized and shorter than a full start up plan, which will take 3-4 days to write. If you need more information on the one-page business plan, any time you can contact us. You can check my e-book I wrote that has an explanation of Social Media.

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