ashwin Thakur A big noise

There are few examples for time wasters that lead quadrant.

  1. Never setting goals or setting goals and not sticking to them.
  2. Moving around and socializing too much,
  3. Low level of concentration, getting easily distracted by trivial things.
  4. Trying to do more them one thing at a time.
  5. Getting involved in everything.
  6. Making too many personal phone calls regularly.
  7. Not doing the most important work during peak energy hours.
  8. Indecisive and postponing decisions.
  9. Liking to help others or to feel important about one.
  10. Fear of hurting people or to say ‘NO’.
  11. Accepting unrealistic deadlines.
  12. Not able to get rid of callers or visitors quickly.
  13. Thinking, “no one else can manage my work if I am absent.
  14. Forgetting thinks or badly organized or messy environment, unclean desk.
  15. Looking for too much of perfection in job leading to micromanagement.
  16. Assuming that people understand your motives leading to crisis.
  17. Forgetting things and not filing important information to get that in time.

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