Any hot topic that is infectious is Viral Marketing. It is ‘exposing an idea’ for a cause. It is a message getting viral by passing it from one to every other with an aim of boosting your business.
Social Media Viral Marketing is the usage of social media channels to spread any message for growing attention. Viral advertising and marketing charge may fluctuate on every level.
  • ALS Ice Bucket Challenge − ALS Association received improved media attention by means of soaking the world. Even celebrities and marketers participated in it.
  • Ashton Kutcher hits 1M − Ashton has been a seeding strategist who prompted his enthusiasts through an influencing message that went viral.
  • Hotmail went viral − Hotmail group positioned a hyperlink ‘Want a free e-mail account? Sign-up for Hotmail nowadays.’ inside the footer of any mail sent from a Hotmail account. It turned into a viral hit.

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