how to create campaign by ashwinthakur


Adverts on Facebook are unique. They are helping you to show your product or services to specific groups and target audience. If your adverts have a great creative content and image and are properly targeted, they get greater likes, comments, and shares.

When we boost our page, posts or expand the audience for the advertisements, extra people will see them once they visit Facebook. Facebook ads allow us to promote our services and product, get more people to engage and drive more leads for our business.  Facebook ads also allow us to get more traffic on website and blogs.


To create an ad,

 visit − Facebook and click “create an ad”.


With right targeted ads, stories, and posts, a hit campaign may be an effective tool in our advertising arsenal. When running a Facebook campaign, we can draw on several Facebook components consisting of posts, Facebook ads, and sponsored ad etc. We can easy to breakdown all the reports and with a single click we can start and stop the ad campaign.

Each marketing campaign can function more than one ad sets, each of which has its very own price range and agenda. We also can prepare each ad set to represent a selected target market phase; for Example, we are able to have an ad set for those who live near we keep. This will help us control the quantity we spend on every audience, determine when they may see our ads and measure their responses. Within every ad set, we will have multiple ad, each of which can feature a different images, content and landing page link and call to action.

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